Monday, 7 April 2014

Ferrari 458 F

Just.. wow! You pretty much have to stop there, since there are no words to describe this awesome looking Ferrari. Sure, the ITalian car manufacturer has been rolling out the factory gates some pretty insane rides lately, and they have for some 40 years now, but this oarticular Ferrari F from Ugur Sahin Design, is just off the hook, and it is based on a 458 Italia.

Well, to be frank about it, this Ferrari seems a mash-up between Pagani, Ferrari and Koenigsegg, but the resulting hyper-car is looking damn good. Sure, this stunning car isn’t really production worthy at this time, but that’s beside the point. I’m just here to bow in appreciation and declare that I’d surely love to see this showcased at an auto motor show as soon as possible. That’s not to big of a dream, is it?

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