Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Best Pictures of Animals Inside This Week

The Best Pictures of Animals Inside This Week

A female long-tailed monkeys combing a kitten.
 A whale in Alaska.
 A bear cub in St. Petersburg.
 A polar bear playing with a ball.
 A brown bear playing with a buoy.
 A bear cub reporter.
 Deer grazing in Sussex.
 A man playing with dolphins in Marineland, in the south of France.
 A duck in the Calderstones park, Liverpool.
 An elephant playing in the snow.
 Giant panda Funi.
 Highland cows in Scotland.
 Japanese macaques in Japan.
 Leo Lucifer and his Christmas present.
 Jedward and a sea lion in the Sea World, Orlando.
 Maisie goat in an animal shelter.

Here are the most unusual, funny, amazing and interesting pictures of animals.
 A red river hog in Hamburg.
 A rhino eating snow.
 A zebra in a zoo in Leipzig.
A zebra poses a face in a zoo in Bedfordshire.

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