Thursday, 16 January 2014

Sizzling Emotion Photographs

Eyes! More than words the expression work better, the expressions which comes from eye really worth more than anything. Here you are going to watch some amazing and sizzling photographs which show some feel, expression and different emotions.

These photographs are created by Desert Winds he loves to tell people that they are beautiful, he is very respectful, kind and loving person. He is a Arabian and he love to be Arab, more than that he loves the culture a lot. He loves to share his passion of art and design with people. He designs the banners, background and patterns, he also does the poetry and quotes in Arabic. He loves to make friends and to share his love for art. He likes intense picture having sense of emotion and anything like exotic, crazy and weird. Here in these photographs the artist concentrated more on beauty of eyes the eye speaks more in these photographs. Really a good job by Desert Winds. The eyes are just wordless to express. The eye lens used by the artist is wonderfu

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