Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Most Beautiful Northern Lights Photography

Most Beautiful Northern Lights Photography

Aurora Borealis and the milky way over lake Crater in Oregon. United States.

Amazing blue Aurora Borealis as seen above Earths atmosphere, taken from outer space. 
 Aurora Borealis (northern lights) over city of Hammerfest, Northern Norway.
 Many people say northern lights are greatest show on Earth, this is why. Above cabins in Iceland. 
 An aurora is caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere.
 Perfect place to set up the camp under the naturally beautiful, multi-hued light show in the sky in Canada.
 This stunning colorful photo is taken near North Pole perfectly captures the northern lights and the milky way in the same frame.
 Two spectacles in one photography. Erupting volcano and eruption of light over Iceland, the home of 35 active volcanoes.
 Beautiful northern lights over forest of city Kiruna in Sweden.
 Northern lights and long exposure photo of traffic on roads of Alaska. 
 One diver succeed to take a photo from a different point – through thick ice in the freezing cold waters of the Arctic Circle.
The Expedition 32 crew from International Space Station, captured a series of photos of Northern Lights flying approximately 240 miles above Earth ground.

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