Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Ground Zero Reopens

Although Ground Zero will, once again, be home to multiple skyscrapers, Oculas will sit above the world's largest train station in a huge public space that already includes the 9/11 Memorial. Destined to hold private events and weddings, the area will also be home to public screens, lighting and sound systems.

Although some of the victim's families wanted the area to left as a purely public space, others think it's fitting that skyscrapers – the lifeblood of modern Manhattan – are being built on the site.

After all, the twin towers became iconic only through tragedy; as skyscrapers they were purely functional as office space. The people who died in the attacks – commemorated so beautifully by two pools in the exact footprints of the North and South Towers nearby – had one thing in common: they were all at work. Is there a more fitting tribute than to reinstate that function to the area while constructing something genuinely breathtaking?

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