Thursday, 21 November 2013

Cute Blind Baby Rhino

Fans of Sir David Attenborough’s latest BBC series, Africa, should savour the last beautifully crafted episode this week.It’s an endangered species. The veteran natural history presenter has decided that the programme, four years in the making, will be the last of its kind.

At 86, Sir David intends to focus his energy on smaller TV projects with a faster turnaround. But don’t, for heaven’s sake, suggest that he might be retiring.
“In four years’ time, I shall be 90. I can’t believe it myself. But if I was the BBC, I wouldn’t hire me,” he laughs.
“I’ll perhaps just do shorter projects now, I think that would be sensible, don’t you? But I’m not giving up. As long as I can stand up and read words – and people want me to do things – I’ll carry on. Why would I want to sit dribbling and gazing into the future?”
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