Sunday, 24 November 2013

18 Karat Gold Headphones from Happy Plugs

18 Karat Gold Headphones from Happy Plugs

14.5K for headphones?!

They’d want to be made of gold or something! Oh wait… they are.
18 karat gold in fact. Well now that’s music to my ears!

 Forget private jets and mansions in The Hills, real wealth is determined by how many every day inanimate objects you can purchase in a solid gold version. First we heard about the solid gold Ray Ban Aviator glasses and now Happy Plugs have brought us gold earphones with a price tag of $14,500!
What’s next? Gold toilet paper?! Hold on… that’s already been done?! Now that’s what I call throwing money down the toilet!

 Oh and someone might want to give Happy Plugs a heads up about the design of their earphones… Apple don’t even make them like that anymore! The latest Apple earbuds are much more, how should I say, ‘EARgonomically’ designed to fit more comfortably in your ear and stay in place a whole lot better than the old ones. And Happy Plugs have gone and made the old style in solid gold… Awkward! I mean, that’s so 2012!
Anyway, they’re still kind of ridiculously and extravagantly cool, so if you want some, you can get them here.

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