Monday, 7 October 2013

Concept Minix – smartphone and camera

Here present MiniX –smartphone and camera all rolled into one! 
32-megapixel camera, centered on the center, gives you maximum comfort when shooting – now you do not need to fear  the displacement  or worry a framed photo, and, importantly, now you finger not close the lens. 
A critical component of this model is the 14-megapixel front camera. Now, not only can you broadcast yourself in outstanding quality, communicating via the Internet, as well as just taking pictures of themselves,all so love it this. 
Easy, simple and organic a design,a display ~ 4:3. MiniX be able to to attract attention. All this the qualities of the device and allow to call it – a smartphone and a camera!

Concept Minix – smartphone and camera
 Designer Juri Karasjov

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