Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Bold Eyeshadow How to make your eye shadow look bolder

Bold Eyeshadow

Among makeup fans, eye shadow is the best toy in the box. You can go bold or play it safe, but no matter what kind of look you choose to do, there is an eye shadow for it! But do you know if you're getting the most out of your eye makeup? There are a million makeup brands out there that claim to make your eye shadow look bolder. But there are many tips that you can keep in mind that make it easy to get bold, beautiful eye shadow for any makeup look!
Use highly pigmented shadows
All right, this one seems self-explanatory. Well, too bad! Sometimes we need to explain the self-explanatory. If you are unfamiliar with highly pigmented shades, you may have heard the term "color payoff." Take a look at how the shadow appears in the packaging. Then, rub a clean finger into it and swipe the shadow onto the back of your hand. This is called an eye shadow swatch. Now, look at the color on the back of your hand and compare it to the way it appears in the packaging. Is it faint, dull and not as bold? This means that the eye shadow has a weak color payoff. If the color is bright and not much different than how it appears in the eye shadow pot, fantastic! You are using an eye shadow with high color payoff.
What's the difference? Well, the most important thing to remember is that if you have an eye shadow with high color payoff, you get more bang for your buck. This means that you will use less of the product at a time to get the desired effect, whereas with a weakly pigmented eye shadow, you will need to use two or three times as much to get the right look. Some brands with strong color payoff include Urban Decay, NYX, MAC, Wet n Wild, and Make Up Forever.

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