Saturday, 1 June 2013

You are my shining star

You are my shining star ,and i love the way you are ..You are my angel from above ,and you are truly my true love .. You are my sun and my moon ,i wish i could see you very soon , but the miles that , that are between us cannot separate our love ...I LOVE YOU for you ,and hope you love me for me , and that's all that counts ...Even when we maybe sad about the ditance we don't separate nothing can take us apart ...My heart is our heart ,and whatever pain or sorrow you feel i feel as well ...I will never leave you if you need me , and i can always be that shoulder that you can lean on ...I understand that life can be hard sometimes ,so if you need someone to chat with i'm here for you , have you ever felt the way i have ? Have you ever felt like 1000 angels have come to greet you ? Or have you ever felt like a cupid has struck you right in the heart with an arrow ? Well that's what i feel like !!!!! When i think of you cause you are my true love , do you feel the love that burns inside me for you ?? Do you know how much I LOVE YOU ??? Well it's sad that you will never know what you mean to me cause theres just to much love to calculate !!!! When i look in your eye's i hope the same love , and respect that i feel fot you . But when you look deep into my eye's you will find many things that i feel , but none of them are bad things , but happy things like love ,and i hope and maybe if your lucky you will see a hint or more of romance .Don't break my heart and i won't break yours , so to not break my or your heart you need to be faithful , loyal,and love, but the most important thing is friendship ,and relationship like friendship ,and should always be that way , but in a relationship we love each other more then brothers sisters love , and thats how I LOVE YOU ,and i miss you so please be here when i need you like i would be there if you needed me . And sweetheart i need you more then ever right now cause i need a hand to hold , and a shoulder to cry on , and true love forever ..I'm sorry that this had to be so short !!!!!!!!! But i must be going , and my time is almost up , so don't mess this up !!! Hahahah Love you sweetie , but seriously don't mess this up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cause I LOVE YOU !!!!!

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