Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Women’s Beach Bags Trends 2013

Gone are the days where going to the beach meant to just wear a swimsuit that had no style or whatsoever and caring things in a big bulky bag. Things have change and continue to change as years go by;
Beach bags are now more a sign of fashion and glamour than necessity. When you buy a beach bag, you don’t just buy a bag, you buy fashion, style and a good idea of what would suit with the rest of your beach outfit and accessories.
Beach bags come in a variety of geometrical shapes, from small to big ones, and the material changes from one style to another.
For this year small beach bags are the new trend; maybe you are thinking how to carry or the things you need in a small beach bag, well I would suggest you only take the most important things in the beach, such as sun cream and a beautiful towel. That must do just fine.

The hottest materials of beach bags for this summer 2013 are straw, woven or knitted fabric; stay away from leather or anything that screams ‘winter’.
About the colors, I would suggest palette or neon colors, also blue can be really beautiful if you match with a blue swimsuit. You can go for floral, stripes or any other geometric figures you like. Or if you want to keep it more modest, go for monochrome bags, they look stunning as well. Do you know that beach bags filled with rhinestones and crystals are very hot also, especially if you are all about class, check them out below:

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