Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Stripes: How Do You Wear It? Summer Trend 2013

Whether vertical or horizontal, black and white or colorful, stripes are the newest trend for this spring/summer 2013.
March Jacobs, was one of the few designers for this year to include stripes in their collections, however Jacobs inspired by 1960′s looks brought something different and unique on the New York Fashion Week.
There are many ways and looks you can try with stripes, such as combining vertical stripes with horizontal, or you can try ‘breaking’ the look by adding intense color on your black and white stripe dress/skirt.
Bold stripes are part of this trend, and come in many different color, but the most popular are the red, black, and green stripes combined with white layer.
You can go for a full stripe look or play a bit with colors. Stripe Maxi Skirts is a hot trend right now which you can combine with a monochrome intense top, such as yellow, neon, or blue.
However, there are numberless looks you can try with stripes and there’s nothing better than picture outfit combination to show you all how amazing stripes can be! Have a look at these hot outfits and embrace stripes, the hottest look for this summer, both for day or evening events:

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