Thursday, 13 June 2013

Meri Zindagi K Raaz Mein

this is 4 u jaan

Meri Zindagi K Raaz Mein Aik Raaz Tum Bhi Ho!! 
Meri Bandagi Ki Pyas Mein Aik Pyas Tum Bhi Ho!! 

Tum Kia Ho Kuch To Ho Yaad Kuch Nahi Magar!! 
Meri Zindagi Ki Kash Mein Aik Kash Tum Bhi Ho!!

I thought your love is without any reason..
I thought you meant to be forever with me..
I thought, I wished, I hoped, I loved, I broke..
All was, is and may will be my faults..
loving you without any kind of limitation..
Waiting for you without any kind of hope..
O my heart, you are growing older and older..
Why you can`t understand, that he was, is and
never ever will be even a single part of you..
I´m really tired of hoping, wishing and waiting..
Let me live for myself rest of my life....
but i dont know who r u .....
love uuuuuu
Misss uuuuu.....

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