Saturday, 1 June 2013

(Love is Stronger than Doubt)

(Love is Stronger than Doubt)

I watch from a distance as she enters the room
It’s me she’s looking for, I simply assume
Who else makes her feel the way that I do
I ask myself who, without having a clue

I’m sure it’s a friend she’s talking to
Cause nothing can break the trust we grew
Nothing will undermine my true value
Even if again, my dreams I’ll pursue 

There’s no reason for me, to doubt the truth
Cause we built a space for us to soothe
We built our ship, out of Love and respect 
So it stays forever, unharmed by the effects

So many thoughts will crawl down on us
To create illusions or maybe just a fuss
But it’s our role to laugh, in the face of Ego
Cause Love is stronger than you’ll ever know

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