Thursday, 6 June 2013

How to make a beautiful makeup

Once in twelve months, we are in a unique event – a meeting of the New Year. Why is a unique event? Because it is a totally new and unique year with its surprises and features. And every time you want to prepare for this holiday the best way to take into account all the details, including the New Year’s makeup. How should it be? Let’s try to understand. Professionals recommend this night to shine. Do not feel sorry for cosmetics and its acquisition. However, this does not mean you have to be like a Christmas tree. In this way it should be harmonious. To see how to be a make-up, first decide the dress. Which dress for New Year 2013 you choose? If bright, then why not give preference to not be too dark makeup. If your toilet is supposed to be more modest, then you can unleash the imagination and “paint” itself brighter. As in the usual make-up, it is important to adhere to the basic rules – does not overwhelm your face paint. By focusing on the eyes, lips to keep the more delicate and vice versa. Makeup for New Year 2013: Eyes Eye makeup can be made using false eyelashes. This small detail can make the eyes expressive and impressive. For the meeting, the snake can choose the shade snake colors – a green, gray, black. These shadows can be a pearl for effect. This is the actual holiday smoky eye makeup with glitter. More can be decorated with rhinestones eyes, different configurations arrows rich palette of shades. All this should be in harmony with the general way. Makeover for the New Year 2013: Lips As for the choice of lipstick, there is need to take into account the eye. If they are marked with false eyelashes, the shooter or bright shades, it is better to make the lips are not too juicy. Choosing a gentle tone. You can stay at a modest sheen that gently accentuate the beauty of your lips. If we want to allocate more than lip bright lipstick, eye makeup then perform better in low-key colors. Rest of the face is also important to pay attention.For example, highlight cheekbones blush with radiant pigments that create a festive mood. Also décolleté may be littered with shimmering glitter powder. Thus, we create the most vivid and dramatic way for New Year’s Eve.

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