Friday, 5 April 2013

Tom And Jerry App Review

This is one of our favourite apps for one amazing reason: you can watch all the old Tom and Jerry cartoons for free. We mean ALL the old ones, from the 40s and 50s, all 161 of them.
It’s a simple app that gets you straight into the watching and lets you simply while away the hours watching a mouse run away from a cat, who in turn is scared of his owner (who, watching it back, is ever-so-slightly stereotypical).

The interface is large, colourful and informative, giving you accurate information on your connection, the buffering and how far you are through the cartoon.
A range of wallpapers also add to the amazing fact this app is free – sure, it has ads at the side of the screen, but that disappears from your view when you get used to it.
In short, this is a brilliant app that we could only improve in one way: downloading the cartoons, but then we’d probably run into all kinds of legal issues, so sit back and get nostalgic… cartoons ain’t made like this any more.

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