Thursday, 11 April 2013

Mona Imran Safari Collection

Everyone would love Mona Imran Collection at the 5th Fashion Pakistan Week which drew inspiration from her love of wildfire to present women in more bold and beautiful way.

Mona Imran’s Safari Collection at Fashion Pakistan Week 2013 consisted of sheer and shimmery fabrics with animal prints like cheetah, lion and leopard to bring jungle phenomena at the runway. Cuts like fitted skirts, capri pants, blazers, one shoulder cloaks and glittering tops with blends of black, gold and tones of beige added more elegance in Mona Imran Collection.

The collection also featured a few menswear pieces with leopard prints over black. The makeup and styling of fashion models for Mona Imran Show at Fashion Pakistan Week 5 was done by Saba Ansari.
Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly did the photography of the show whereas Catwalk Event Management & Productions choreographed the Fashion Pakistan Week 5 with back stage management by Production [021] & show production by CKO. The PR of this 5th edition of Fashion Pakistan Week was handled by Lotus Client Management and Public Relations.

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