Thursday, 11 April 2013

Doll House

Whilst browsing pinterest one day, i saw the most gorgeous swatch of a thick hexagonal rose gold glitter nail polish. It was something that i'd never spotted before and never seen anything similar, so i set out to find out exactly what this beauty was. After a long process of searching 'rose gold glitter' on google, i discovered it was a china glaze product. China glaze is a brand i've never bought from before so i wasn't aware of this shade, however it was shown as 'rose gold glitter by china glaze' which, unfortunately it's name is not. So my mission went on until i FINALLY found out it's called 'doll house'. However, it's not available from the china glaze website and i couldn't find it anywhere. Until i spotted an American ebay seller with them in stock and quickly snapped it up! 
China glaze polishes are very luxurious. The pots are quite large and feel expensive. The glitter is amongst a clear base and applies like any standard glitter polish. Obviously it applies sparse at first and uneven, but due to the large size of the glitter chunks, it is quickly buildable and looks is a one coat, two coat, three coat process. The glitter is very light reflective and looks so pretty on your nails. Works lovely as an accent nail or on all ten. b e a..UTIFUL!

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